Making Light’s Own Form Known as Angels

So we are and we remain. We are angels of high light of realms which resound with the holy OM of divinity itself, of love’s abode and soul’s rest. There is much we would like to tell you. For now, we will tell you of our origin and nature.

Angels you would call us and as you understand the word, you would be correct. We are geometric in a way, yet we also have human appearance. Our geometric nature allows us to hold light, to not create a sepulchre for light but to give light a framework to spin around without impedance. In such a way, we can appear as permeable and glowing, though we can adjust our inner geometrics to be less obviously out of phase in your world’s frequency-bound matrix of current reality.

Our origin is not necessarily planetary; rather, for the most part, we live and act within a kind of matrix of mind. Solidity is for us something among many expressions of being. Light interacts in your world as solid, while on our plane of being it has many other kinds of expression. Thus, we are native to a “world” of many more dimensional properties than form. Indeed, concepts such as “form” and “solidity” take up far less bandwidth there than here.

Let us now come to consideration of the worlds of the ones with whom you often hold discourse, those you know as Temmerian and Pleiadian. We are aware of the challenge you face, as a people, in grasping the fundamental concepts of universe and dimension which are part of the basic understanding needed for this conversation. However, we also know how to explain it in a way you can easily grasp and which will bear up under scientific scrutiny, when eventually you put things together. For now, undertake this with the faith that what we relate is valid within the expanded framework of thought native to us…

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